For Medical Professionals

Westmead Hospital as the Level 1 Major Trauma Service has an absolute obligation to accept all Trauma transfers from its urban and regional hospitals within SAWHS.

With the introduction of the Pre Hospital Triage Trauma Bypass (T1) by the ambulance service, all patients fitting this category are to be taken directly to Westmead Hospital and bypass the urban and regional centers.

This does not take into consideration the Inter-hospital trauma transfer, and so the Interhospital Trauma Transfer Guidelines were developed to assist these hospitals to expedite transfer to Westmead Hospital.

A single contact person has been established (General Surgical Registrar on call) to stop multiple calls to various specialities for the acceptance of the trauma transfer.

Trauma Transfer Criteria was also developed to assist urban hospitals in the recognition of the seriously injured patient who required transfer to definitive care.

Interhospital transfer